Grand Narrows Waterfront Development Society


With a mission to ensure public access and community ownership of the Grand Narrows waterfront, a community based non profit society was established 1993




Society By-Laws
Open Membership
Board of Directors
Sustainable Development

"Together as one, we are committed to re-establish a healthy economy for our community through the enhancement of our strengths & resources, as well as the further development and implementation of our Strategic Community Development Plan." 

Society By-Laws

Society by-Laws as amended in 1999

Open Membership

Annual society membership dues are $5/person or $10/family
Members are encouraged to attend general meetings where agenda items are discussed and voted upon.  As a grassroots organization the GNWDS welcomes new members with various interests and available time commitments. 

If you are interested in joining as a member or would simply like to sit in on a meeting please contact us. 

New energies are always welcome

Board of Directors

The 15 Board of Directors is selected from the general membership at the May Annual General Meeting


2020 - 2021

Chairperson - Austin MacKenzie
Vice Chairperson - Donnie Campbell
Secretary - Juanita MacNeil
Treasurer - Brenda Campbell

Austin MacKenzie
Donnie Campbell
Juanita MacNeil
Brenda Campbell
Cynthia MacKenzie
Elaine MacNeil
Terry MacNeil
Sandy MacNeil
Mike Johnson
Leah Johnson
Donna MacKenzie
Christina MacNeil
Meaghan MacNeil
Michael MacDonald

Sustainable Development


With the need and desire to revitalize the economic strength of Grand Narrows, the community formed a non-profit organization in March 1993. The Grand Narrows Waterfront Development Society (GNWDS) is a structured organization consisting of a Board of Directors and Executive annually elected by the membership and registered with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock.



Stratigic Design

Since our inception we have successfully partnered with varied government departments and agencies, community organizations, and private and public sector groups to bring about real growth and investment in the rural area of Grand Narrows. In 1998 in recognition of our many successes and future goals we compiled a detailed Strategic Development Plan. After community meetings, 5 major themes were established. The adopted 3 year plan (1998 – 2000) focused on these themes and identified associated costs, timelines, and potential funding partners.

Theme 1 – Employment/Business Development
Theme 2 - Waterfront Development
Theme 3 - General Infrastructure
Theme 4 - Cultural Tourism Development
Theme 5 - Recreation Development

In 2000 an updated 5 year plan (1998 – 2002) was adopted which archived the first 2 years and expanded into the following 3 years.

The complete document "Executive Summery 2011"

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